Deluxe Spa Bangkok Luxury Male Massage

Deluxe Spa Bangkok offer absolutely expuisite oil ,cream,scrub,traditional thai and foot massage. Deluxe Spa Bangkok Good massage shop popular sukhumvit area.focus on massage for man 2nd floor all rooms are similar. Every bathroom has a shower and aromatic massage room.

We will have many talented massage therapists to come to the service, with 1-5 years experience,

called junior therapist to light and medium massage 5-10 years or older called Senior therapist Will massage very hard to heavy, we will have 2 price, but experience the massage ability If anyone has a pain that is very painful, which part of the body is special, please introduce Senior therapist If you want a relaxing massage that is normal, like a junior therapist, you can feel comfortable.

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Deluxe Spa Bangkok all of us here look forward to providing a comfortable massage service to all of you who use the service here.

See you soon!!!!!